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Burn vault club is a one stop shop for pole vault coaching, equipment, camps, clinics and news! We put a unique spin on coaching by providing an eCoaching concept where you can get pole vault coaching anytime from anywhere on the planet! Our goal is to promote the sport of pole vault through proper technique and equipment to ensure to ensure safety and success. Pole Vaulting is an extremely fun sport, but it can also be dangerous. Safety is priority one with Burn Vault Club and any advice, workouts or drills provided you should always be supervised by your coach in a safe and properly equipped facility. All athletes should also consult with their physician prior to any workouts.


quoteMy name is Kay Glynn, I am a 60-year-old female decathlete, and I am the current indoor pole vaulting world record holder in the 55-59 age division with 2.98 (9 feet 7 inches) and am a former outdoor world record holder with a jump of 3.08 (10 feet 2 inches). About 2 years ago, I found that I was in...

Kay Glynn - Indoor WR Holder - 55-59 Age Division

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